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Branch and Blossom


Use the questions below to determine if DIY'ing your wedding is a good fit for you.

Design Comfort

Do I (or someone I know) feel comfortable handling and designing with flowers?


Do I have a very specific design/design style in mind or am I flexible with the outcome?


Do I already have (or can I easily purchase) all the supplies I need to DIY my wedding (floral tape, vessels, ribbon, floral glue, etc)?


Do I have an appropriate temperature-controlled environment where I can store the flowers until the day of the wedding?


Do I have the time to take on an extra project in the days leading up to my wedding?


Will there be someone available to setup (and later, teardown) the centerpieces, arbor, etc. while I am getting ready (and later, heading out to my honeymoon)?

Ready to book your DIY buckets?

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